MetaVerseBooks Inks Partnership with XLA to Integrate its ‘XLA Drops’ Digital Item Ecosystem into its Immersive Experience, Providing Fans Exclusive Access to Digital Items and Experiences.

Entertainment Platform MetaVerseBooks Inks Partnership with XLA to Integrate its ‘XLA Drops’ Digital Item Ecosystem into its Immersive Experience, Providing Fans Exclusive Access to Digital Items and Experiences

Apr 18, 2023 (PRNewswire via COMTEX) — PR Newswire

LOS ANGELES, April 18, 2023

Fans around the world will have access to exclusive in-world items and experiences from their favorite musicians, athletes and celebrities

Brazilian superstar musician MCDaniel kicks off the collaboration

LOS ANGELES, April 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, XLA, the the global technology company that creates custom products and Web3 solutions for brands, creators, gaming and entertainment companies, announced a partnership with MetaVerseBooks, one of the first fully functional, web-based entertainment Metaverse and NFT platforms on the market. The partnership will integrate the ‘XLA Drops’ digital item ecosystem into MetaVerseBooks Worlds, the immersive metaverse experience, to offer fans exclusive access to in-world items and experiences. The first drop will feature Brazilian superstar musician MCDaniel, who boasts more than 10 million followers on Instagram and has one of the highest fan engagements across Brazil. Through the ‘XLA Drops’ solution, MetaVerseBooks will bring fans exclusive access to merchandise and experiences from sought-after celebrities, musicians, athletes and influencers to further reimagine fan-based engagement and extend its monetization strategy through new revenue streams. ‘XLA Drops’ is one of XLA’s featured web solutions, built upon Xsolla, the global video game commerce engine, trusted by over 500 million gamers worldwide.

MCDaniel will headline the first groundbreaking drop, which will give fans access to everything from conventional in-game items and utility NFTs to exclusive fan experiences, tickets and merchandise they won’t find available anywhere else. MCDaniel will also perform a concert in MetaVerseBooks Worlds, bringing a robust 360 approach to engage with fans who are looking for a unique experience.

MetaVerseBooks utilizes Unreal 5.1 engine (web-based) and pixel streaming server technology to further extend the range of immersive experiences for fans including concerts, boxing matches, festivals, video games and film projects, most recently hosting the first boxing event broadcasted from a metaverse platform with the Floyd Mayweather vs Deji match from Dubai. This partnership is set to revolutionize the fan-based entertainment sector by merging XLAs web3 solutions, which are backed by Xsolla’s expertise in video game commerce, with MetaVerseBooks’ pioneering, immersive and easy to use metaverse platform to build awareness, excitement and ultimately drive traffic to MetaVerseBooks Worlds’ campaigns.

Delence A. Sheares Sr., CEO of MetaVerseBooks, remarked, “This XLA partnership is a game-changer for the entertainment industry. MetaVerseBooks and XLA’s collaboration is poised to redefine live metaverse events, enabling fans to experience and interact up close and personal like never before, from any corner of the world.”

XLA officially launched in 2022 as an extension of, and sister company to Xsolla, the largest fintech company in gaming. The company offers a variety of Web3 solutions to help partners monetize the rapidly evolving digital landscape. In addition to ‘XLA Drops,’ which simplifies how creators, brands, gaming, entertainment and Telco companies acquire new users and tap into new lines of revenue through virtual goods, XLA offers a variety of solutions including custom Metasites and frictionless payment systems that accept more than 700 forms of payment, helping to unlock new revenue streams.

Alex Barkaloff, President and GM of XLA added, “The metaverse is the future of entertainment, and we are thrilled to partner with MetaVerseBooks to bring our cutting-edge technology to the entertainment realm. Our solutions are designed to generate substantial revenue today while better positioning our partners for the web3 future. We can’t wait for fans to experience this new campaign with MCDaniel and see what we have in store.”

Additional and upcoming drop collaborations will showcase Black Salt, an award-winning proof of concept film, which is now poised to make waves in the entertainment industry as it transitions into a highly anticipated video game and a feature film currently in development.

About XLA

XLA provides digital monetization solutions that bring best practices from the booming gaming industry to brands, entertainment companies, and creators. Founded by veterans in gaming, entertainment, and blockchain, XLA bridges the gap between web2 and web3 to unlock new revenue streams for clients. XLA offerings include XLA Drops, a full-service acquisition tool that powers and promotes subscriptions to exclusive content and experiences; XLA Metaverses, custom-built, interoperable 3D worlds that deliver next-level engagement; and XLA eWallet, a frictionless digital payment system that has already powered billions of dollars in-game transactions. To learn how XLA can unlock new revenue streams for your business, visit

About MetaVerseBooks

MetaVerseBooks, formerly VerseBooks, Inc., is a pioneer in the development of fully functional entertainment platforms in the metaverse. Utilizing Unreal 5.1 engine (web-based) and pixel streaming server technology, MetaVerseBooks offers a range of immersive experiences including concerts, boxing matches, festivals, video games, and film projects.

Founded by technologists with 50+ years of experience developing enterprise solutions for telecom, internet protocols, and data centers, MetaVerseBooks helps entertainment companies develop, deploy, scale, and monetize metaverse platforms. By providing cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions and immersive experiences, MetaVerseBooks is helping to shape the future of the entertainment industry. To learn more about MetaVerseBooks and their revolutionary entertainment platform, visit their website at

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