VerseBooks and BrainRap Unveil Exciting Metaverse Venture and Asset Swap

Creating new metaverse opportunities in music, soccer, film, and more!

“We have created an unparalleled metaverse ecosystem that will enhance not only the overall accessibility of the metaverse, but also the adoption of the metaverse in sports, music, and culture.”— Delence A. Sheares Sr., MetaVerseBooks Chairman/CEO

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, March 21, 2023/ / — VerseBooks, Inc. dba MetaVerseBooks (“VerseBooks”) is thrilled to announce a strategic spin-off and asset swap with BrainRap Technologies, part of BrainRap Artificial Intelligence, and parent company Cingularity (“BrainRap”). This innovative partnership, detailed in an Asset Purchase Agreement dated March 14, 2023, aims to amplify both companies’ market presence by leveraging groundbreaking technologies in artificial intelligence, music, and the metaverse.

BrainRap will transfer its cutting-edge nftX technology, MIDAS NAIB, and BrainRap Transection trading and metaverse code packages (XMT) to VerseBooks. In return, VerseBooks will provide high-value assets worth over $50 million and a USD fee. This exhilarating transaction builds on a $10 million acquisition of BrainRap assets by VerseBooks in 2021, propelling both companies into their next growth phase and nurturing collaboration on commercializing neuroscience and metaverse technology, such as the BrainBit -enabled BrainRap Gold headset.

This alliance arises from synergies, strategic alignments, and a focus on BrainRap AI and Cingularity’s core offerings: neuroscience software and hardware products for financial and music companies. With over five years of partnership with BrainBit and renowned neuroscientist Boris Goldstein, BrainRap and Cingularity have achieved successful exits for Filmfundr,, and CCH.

BrainRap and Cingularity plan to continue divestitures, asset sales, and exits to prepare for their listing on the OTCMKTS and Canadian Stock Exchange, led by Listing Partners. The VerseBooks assets will accelerate this process.

VerseBooks and BrainRap will launch VMX (VerseBooks Music Experience), a metaverse-enabled artist incubator and record label supported by Live Nation. This partnership will cultivate emerging artists and harness the VerseBooks metaverse and XMT performance technology. Additionally, they will introduce VerseBattle, an ambitious Netflix documentary competition to find gifted musicians through a thrilling game show-style contest. The venture will operate from VerseBooks Ohio campus and Penthouse Recording Studio in Times Square, New York, NY.

The acquired VerseBooks assets will follow the guidance provided by FASB ASC Topic 805, backed by credit insurance assets insured by Atradius and Allianz.

About VerseBooks:

VerseBooks is a leading metaverse and music experience company dedicated to delivering immersive and interactive content to users worldwide through cutting-edge technologies and compelling storytelling. VerseBooks is one of the first companies to develop and launch an end-to-end metaverse platform and made history on November 13, 2022 by being the first metaverse platform to host a successful boxing fight in the metaverse featuring Floyd Mayweather.

About BrainRap:

BrainRap and Cingularity are trailblazing artificial intelligence firms specializing in advanced neuroscience AI solutions in the music and financial technology sectors. Their mission is to enhance human capabilities, streamline human biological processes, and optimize human-computer interaction. BrainRap is headquartered in the Greater New York area, with offices at Industrious Noda, North Carolina, USA, London, UK, and Europe.

About BrainBit:

Launched in 2016 with the vision to reimagine the way consumer and industrial brain-sensing wearables perform and feel, BrainBit Inc. specializes in portable, smart wearable IoT devices for prolonged wear and individual use for sports, e-sports/gaming, wellness, and entertainment applications. BrainBit was founded by a team of scientists and engineers who have been developing professional medical equipment for over 25 years. While being comfortable to set up and wear, the BrainBit headband provides medical-quality EEG that can be converted into easily comprehensible figures and visuals. Monitoring brain activity with BrainBit on a daily basis allows for enhancing routine and building a more complete healthy lifestyle.

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